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Post Office Box Letters & Curbside Delivery Update

04/11/2024 Update – Conoy Township Staff has tried to make contact with all effected properties. All but 10 effected properties have responded to our requests for information. The next step is for the USPS to evaluate the streets and potential curbside properties.

Conoy Township is aware of the issue regarding mail delivering in the Village District of Bainbridge. Conoy Township has been working on a solution that is best for all residents and property owners of this section of the township.

The USPS is willing to investigate addressing home delivery for the residents currently required to have a post office box. Due to Conoy Township being rural, all mail is delivered by mail truck. Therefore, access to curbside mailboxes must be done by the mail truck. A preliminary review indicates a vast majority of the Village District of Bainbridge may be eligible to have curbside mail delivery.

If property owners vote to have curbside mail delivery and the USPS determines curbside mail delivery is available, the property owner must purchase their own mailbox, and have it installed to the postal standards which are included with this letter. All homes and mailboxes must be clearly addressed with their street number. Homes, from other streets, who previously installed a mailbox along River Road would then move their mailbox to in front of their home. If a property owner chooses not to install a mailbox, the property owner or their tenant must then pay for their post office box as the street service is now active.

Unfortunately, not all homes within the Village District of Bainbridge will qualify for home delivery. Those living on Plum Alley, Second Street (from Walnut Street to Locust Street), Race Street (from Third Street to Koser Park), and the 100 block of Arch Street, are unable to have home delivery due to parking constraints and other factors. These properties would maintain their free post office box. These properties did not receive a letter or ballot.


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