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Zoning, Permit Applications, Ordinances, & Maps

Beginning January 3, 2023

Zoning Officer: Shannon Sinopoli
Phone: 717-367-4927
Fax: 717-367-6299

Associated Building Inspections (ABI)
Building Construction Code Official Inspector
Edgar Patton

Office Information:
1248 W Main St, Ste 23
Ephrata, PA 17522

ZONING PERMITS are required by ordinance for new construction, alterations, utility buildings, swimming pools, change of use of any building. Failure to obtain a required permit before work is begun could result in prosecution.

DRIVEWAY PERMITS are required by ordinance – Contact Conoy Township Office (717) 367-4927.

“ON LOT” SEWAGE SYSTEM – new, repaired or altered require a permit from Sewage Enforcement Officer Len Spencer. 717-989-8439.

Conoy Township Applications
2023 Zoning-Building Permit Process
2023 Zoning-Building Permit Application Packet
2023 Zoning Hearing Board Application Packet
2023 Conditional Use Application Packet
2023 Subdivision-Land Development Application Packet
2023 Stormwater Management Application Packet
Solar System Submission Guidelines

Conoy Township Ordinances

Burning Ordinance 1-5-14-2001
Burning Ordinance Amendment 12-8-2011
Comprehensive Plan 1-6-11-2009
Dog Ordinance 1-12-11-2003
Floodplain Management Ordinance 2-3-10-2016
Floodplain Zone Amendment Ordinance 1-4-14-2005
Nuisance Ordinance 1-3-14-2013
Road Ordinance 1-4-14-2005
SALDO – Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance 1-3-10-2016
Sewer Ordinance 1-5-3-1993
Sewer Ordinance 1-7-8-1993
Sewer Ordinance Amendment 1-10-13-11
Sewer Ordinance Tapping Rate Resolution 3-6-12-2003
Stormwater Management Ordinance 1-4-10-14
Zoning Map Adopted 4-13-2017

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