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Planning Commission

PC Agenda 2.1.2022

2022 Planning Commission meetings will be held at St. Luke’s Sunday School Room, 106 N Second Street, Bainbridge, PA  17502.  Meetings will be in person only at this time.  Please consider wearing a mask to ensure the health and safety of others.  Thank you.

Township Development, Land Use, Public Facilities, etc.

Members and Term Expirations

Chris Geesey                      Chair                           January 2026
John Huggins                 Vice-Chair                    January 2025                                         
John Charles                                                          January 2023
Steve Mohr                                                             January 2024
Steve Mutchler                                                      January 2024
Darryl Smith                                                         January 2026
Steve Mohr Jr.                                                      January 2025